6th February 2018

Stall Holders

The FIFTH New Zealand Sandcastle Competition will have an opportunity for Stall Holders to be part of this event.

The event is a family focused event and the organisers are looking for appropriate stall holders to be present February 6th 2018 between 9am and 5pm.

The Stall Holder program is open to local and regional artisans, artists, craftspeople, independent shopkeepers, sellers of clothing and accessories, jewellery, beach and summer-seasonal items, kids’ products, and food and beverage (non-alcoholic) vendors.

National and regional brands that wish to advertise, exhibit, demonstrate, build awareness, generate interest, leads or new accounts, sample and/or coupons must join our sponsorship program. For more info for prospective sponsors, click here.

To be part of this event please click the ‘Apply Now to be a Stall Holder’ button below and complete the application form. All applications need to be made by the 20 December 2017.

It is absolutely imperative that you follow all directions on the application form completely as this is a new event we have a limited number of spaces available and the organisers are looking for a wide variety of stalls to be present, failure to provide complete information may delay your application.

Each Stall Holder will be given a space of approximately 3 metres frontage and 6 metres depth.

The Stalls will be located on the Basketball court at New Brighton Beach beside the ramp to the pier.

There will be a limited number of spaces available and the organisers have the sole right in selecting suitable stall holders so as to maintain the family atmosphere and to have as wide a range of stalls as possible.

Stall holder application

Application for a Stall Holders Site at the New Zealand Sandcastle Competition.

FEES: $60.00 per day plus gst

Stall Holder Rules & Information

New Zealand Sandcastle Competition, New Brighton Beach, Christchurch Event Date: February 6th 2018

The New Zealand Sandcastle Competition Committee

The New Zealand Sandcastle Competition Committee consists of volunteer citizens. The committee members have worked throughout the last 12 months to bring this wholesome, fun filled, family weekend to the New Brighton beach. We wish to thank you for your interest and support for the New Zealand Sandcastle Competition. We look forward to seeing you there!

Fees: The fee for a Stall Holders Site for Saturday will be $TBA plus gst per day. The total fee is to be paid within 10 days of the Pegasus Bay Charitable Trust accepting your application.

New Zealand Sandcastle and/or Pegasus Bay Charitable Trust Logos: Any objects with the New Zealand Sandcastle Competition or the Pegasus Bay Charitable Trust design and/or logo may not be sold by anyone other than the Pegasus Bay Charitable Trust or those duly authorised in writing to do so.

Spaces: The maximum booth space is 3 metres x 6 metres. All trailer hitches and other appendages must fit within this space. Specific spaces may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. You must provide your own booth, and do your own set-up and removal. You must provide your own tables, tarps, screenings, etc. We only provide you with the space. All activities, selling or handing out of information, must take place within the confines of the space provided. There will be No roaming of the streets or the pier.

Sales: Only what is listed on your application may be sold. The Event Organiser must approve any other items before you may offer them for sale. No weapons of any kind can be sold at our event. This includes knives, swords, daggers, or any other type of weapons. There will be no raffles, or selling of chances for prizes. A limited number of vendors for certain items will be permitted. Too many vendors selling the same items hurts everyone. Eligibility to sell certain items will be determined by the Event Organiser.

Confirmation: Upon acceptance of your application, we will send you a confirmation email with a gst invoice/receipt attached.

Exclusivity: There is no exclusivity for Stall Holders unless you are a major sponsor or it is approved by the Pegasus Bay Charitable Trust. If and when we receive prime sponsorship you will be notified as to the restrictions that may be placed on their products. If a Stall Holder would like exclusivity on a product, they can contact the Event Organiser for the costs and benefits.

Vehicle Permits: Each Stall Holder will be issued with one vehicle pass, which will allow that vehicle to pass through the road blockade, to enter the Stall Holders area at the proper time for the drop off and pick up.

Security: The Pegasus Bay Charitable Trust has employed a security firm to patrol the area over the weekend, you may leave your stall set up but the Pegasus Bay Charitable Trust or any of its members will not accept responsibility, or be liable for any loss or damage to your property.

Health Regulations and Permits: All Stall Holders must obtain where necessary a permit from the Christchurch City Council and where food is being sold must have a current Food Hygiene Certificate. Stall Holders must comply with the Christchurch City Council Acts, regulations and Bylaws. Set-Up and

Shut-Down: Saturday set up will begin at 7.00am. You will check in with the Event Organiser at the entrance to the Amphitheatre on the basketball courts (sign poster). You must be set up by 9.00am.

Check Out: On Saturday all stall Holders must be packed up and moved off the car park by 6.00pm. Your site must be left clean and all rubbish removed. Directions to New Brighton Beach: New Brighton Beach can be found easily on Marine Parade at the end of Seaview Road, at the entrance to the Stall Holder area there will be a sign posted to the Basketball court next in the amphiteatre area in front of the ramp to the Pier.

Click here for map

STALL HOLDERS CODE OF CONDUCT: Stall Holders are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of any employees, guest and/or persons who help them in the stall holder’s area. This is a large family event with people of all ages attending and therefore the Sandcastle committee expects you to conduct your business in a professional manner. There will be zero tolerance for any stall holder who demonstrates unacceptable behaviour such as the consumption of alcohol, obscene language, fighting, and dangerous or abusive behaviour.